McGeoch's   legacy   of   engineering   brilliance   has   been   channelled   into   the   design,   development   and   manufacture   of   an   innovative range   of   ATEX   approved   hazardous   area   and   explosion   proof   lighting,   designed   to   meet   the   future   of   low   energy,   high   efficiency, health & safety and environmental demands of an ever-widening array of worldwide applications.
Latest Applications & News Year   by   year,   McGeoch   Hazardous   Area   Lighting   Products   find   a   whole   new   series   of   applications.   Orginally   designed   for   the offshore   oil   &   gas   industry,   who   would   have   thought   that   exactly   the   same   Endurance   LED   Luminaires   that   help   to   create   a   safe working environment for oil rig workers in the North Sea are now illuminating a major railway swing bridge in Yorkshire!


 Endurance Luminaire

LED Automatic Emergency Light
Astute Type N Luminaire

Ex Fluorescent

Emergency Light

North Sea

Offshore Oil & Gas

Naval & Merchant

Surface Shipping
Selby Railway Swing Bridge
Advanced Design, Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions McGeoch’s legacy of electrical design and manufacturing expertise is world renowned, our flexible approach allowing us to design, develop and build a wide range of equipment from prototype units through to fully engineered products in a completely ‘in-house’, high-tech environment entirely centred in Birmingham, United Kindom. Bespoke 2D & 3D HAL Luminaire Design Dedicated HAL Luminaire Assembly  All Aspects of ‘In-House’ Fabrication   4th & 5th Axis Machining Centers

Hazardous Area Lighting

Hazardous Area Lighting

Brazilian Conformity for Endurance